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Business Coach & Marketing Consultant

I help people plan, launch, and grow online businesses, aligning them with work they love and a life of more impact and fulfillment.

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Business Coaching

You want to launch an online business but you're not sure where to start. Or you have a business and you're stuck trying to grow it. Which systems do you use and when? What is a sales funnel? How do I grow a following and get eyes on my product? Why does marketing tech make me crazy? These questions are common. I can help.


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Marketing Consulting

I partner with growing and established businesses who need a strategic advisor or fractional CMO to help them navigate the systems, the trends, and the right approach to reach their customer, while avoiding the many pitfalls and distractions in this fast paced online marketing space. These packages are custom built to meet your objectives.

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Facebook Ads Audit

Sure, Facebook dumped my business in April, but I'm still able to provide ads account audits via Zoom screenshare. We'll do a deep dive on your Business Manager, ads account, and get your campaigns tuned up and converting like gang busters. These can be broken into 2 sessions so we can make initial tweaks and do a check up to make any adjustments and course corrections.

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My Story

I invested 20 years in Corporate America.

At first I loved it, but over the years the bureaucrazy, politics, and inefficiencies wore me down. Then I began to tinker in the world of Online Marketing in 2015. I quickly realized it better aligned with my talents and passions, so I started my own business. A few years later, I decided to ditch the day job and I took my Facebook Ads agency full time.

In early 2021, Facebook abruptly shut down my agency with no warning or explanation. (You can hear about that mess here!) It was time to PIVOT, and fast! 

Now I coach people on how to launch, grow, and scale businesses online, with a few key points of emphasis.

1) Simplicity. You can be successful without being omnipresent on 5 different social platforms, glued to your smartphone to the detriment of your friends and family.

2) Diversifying across platforms so an unexpected shift in algorithm, change in the fickle tide of social media or, God forbid, a complete shutdown won't crush your business like it did my ads agency.

3) Taking Imperfect Action. We are bombarded with content and strategies and the latest marketing fads. As a planner and perfectionist, I've been stuck in the place of waiting to get it right or wrestling to find the exact right idea before launching. Here's the truth: You will learn more from taking action and having to course correct than getting the perfect idea or plan in place, before moving. 

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