I'm glad you're here.  


I'm Greg and I do a few things:

  • I help online businesses expand their reach and amplify their message through paid advertising.
  • I also serve businesses as a marketing strategist to help them understand what systems and marketing funnels are best according to their specific goals. I place a huge emphasis on simplicity and automation, to alleviate the overwhelm and the "need to be everywhere" on every social platform, all day every day.
  • Finally, I coach individuals who are looking to transition from the traditional workforce into the wild, wonderful world of entrepreneurship. Specifically online business.

For 20 years I worked in Corporate America in the IT world. And while I initially loved the field, over time I grew tired of the red tape, bureaucracy, politics, and overall inefficiencies that often time come with the corporate world. More than that, I desired a creative outlet. A place to create my own "art." Where the only ceilings were the ones I imposed upon myself. Then I discovered the world of online business in 2015.

Fast forward to 2019, having grown my marketing business, I left the "safety" and predictability of the Corporate World. It was the scariest thing I've ever done.

But for the first time in many years, I felt alive.

The journey to becoming an online business owner has been many things: Exciting, exhilarating, terrifying and wonderful. Just depending on the day. :)

But shortly after leaving the world of traditional employment, I knew this was my home, and I knew there was no going back.

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Your partner in marketing.