The Adventure I'm On...


I'm a Christ follower, husband, and father.

My time is spent dating my wife, chasing my 3 (soon 4) boys, and trying to be a better friend, listener, and steward to those people and things around me.

I love the outdoors, exercise, salt water, and reading.

I invested 20 years in Corporate America.

At first I loved it, but over the years the bureaucrazy, politics, and inefficiencies wore me down. Then I began to tinker in the world of Online Marketing in 2015. I quickly realized it better aligned with my talents and passions, so I started my own business. A few years later, I decided to ditch the day job and I took my Facebook Ads agency full time.

Having a full time online business afforded me time, location, and financial freedom. More importantly, an abundance of time with my family.

(But I secretly struggled with the amount of time I had to spend glued to my computer and phone. Surely there was a better way?)

In April 2021, Facebook abruptly and inexplicably shut down my business overnight.

So I launched a 2nd business online. (There was no going back to a day job.)

Throughout both of my online ventures, the thing I've heard in working with and talking to hundreds of online business owners is:

"I'm overwhelmed with tech."

"I'm overwhelmed with all the marketing options."

"I'm confused as to what pieces of the puzzle I need, and when."

For those reasons, I coach people on how to launch, grow, and scale businesses online, with a few key points of emphasis.

1) Simplicity. You can be successful without being omnipresent on 10 different social platforms, glued to your smartphone to the detriment of your friends and family.

2) Diversifying across platforms so an unexpected shift in algorithm, change in the fickle tide of social media or, God forbid, a complete shutdown won't crush your business like it did my ads agency.

3) Taking Imperfect Action. We are bombarded with content and strategies and the latest marketing fads. As a planner and perfectionist, I've been stuck in the place of waiting to get it right or wrestling to find the exact right idea before launching.

I call it Minimalist Online Marketing. (I bought that domain 2 years before I ever used it. I knew there was something to it, but the timing wasn't right. Now it is.)

I've had a half dozen coaches in recent years. 

I currently have 2 coaches.

I believe coaching is THE missing element in so many lives and businesses. 

So much so, that I intend to devote the remaining time of my professional career to business, life, and leadership coaching. Seriously.

Coaching will speed your trajectory to success in online business and life. And save you money. And frustration. And mistakes.

Ready to ditch the overwhelm and get a simple, but effective strategy? Let's Talk.