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Online Business

Countless opportunities. Instant global reach. Unlimited earning potential.

But sometimes it feels gross and overrun with sleaze-marketers, scammers, and people peddling the cure to life's struggles being a Lamborghini and a huge home. Surely that will bring us happiness, right? 🤔

🤮 For a long time, I let my repulsion of sleazy marketing keep me out of the game. But I was reminded of the quote:

"All that's necessary for evil to prevail, is for good men to do nothing."

So here I am. I strive to be good man (with some Help.) To my wife. To my kids. To my clients.

And as such, I'm committed to ethical, transparent, and honest marketing tactics and business practices. I love to partner with people who share that conviction.

No fluff. No hype. No nonsense.

It's everywhere in internet marketing. You won't find it here.

My Story... 

I'm a husband, and father to 3 young boys and business owner. I live in Florida where the sun always shines, and I enjoy the freedom, creative liberty, and daily adventure of self employment. It ain't always easy - unlike the gurus will tell you - but it sure is good. 

Previously, I spent about 20 years in the Information Technology world. At first I loved the work, but over the years I realized I was lacking a creative outlet in that industry. That and my tolerance for office politics, crippling bureaucracy, and rush hour traffic was quickly dwindling away.

So in 2019 I took my marketing side hustle of 4 years, full time. It was probably the most difficult journey I've ever embarked up, but for the first time in probably a decade, I felt alive.

It is good to be your own boss. To have unlimited earning potential. To work in a space where the only ceilings you have are the ones you impose upon yourself. 

But mostly, to serve other entrepreneurs by increasing their reach, growing their tribe, and helping them generate more revenue.

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Here's how I serve my clients. 

  1. Grow their product, course, membership, or event by driving highly targeted, quality leads via Facebook & Instagram Ads.
  2. Help Beginners, DIY'ers and Ads Managers with FB/IG ads through my Kiss My Ads™ training and membership.
  3. Provide audits to review ads accounts, funnels, and overall strategy.
  4. Coach people looking to launch a side hustle for extra income, or ones who long to escape the corporate world for good. 

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I’m Here To Help You Reach Your People

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Let's Get Personal

  • Proud Husband / Dad to 3 Boys
  • Ohio State Buckeyes
  • CrossFit
  • Budget Nerd
  • DISC: CD / Enneagram: 1
  • Being near salt water fuels my soul
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“Don't ever quote yourself on the internet.”

– Greg Tosi

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